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        ROUND UP

        It’s not hard to tell that at Halco we
        love shing. We do it a lot and we are

        inspired by creating great products.
        The design and creation of lures is not

        achieved by focus groups, nor surveys,
        it’s generally driven by Tim and me

        out shing and seeing an opportunity
        for a great new product for the Halco

        line up. Then I get busy in the design
        room and with input from the team a

        new product is born. But it doesn’t end
        there, we then make it in our factory,

        test it, ne tune it and catch on it. Only
        then is it ready to go to market.

        It’s  a  fun  and  rewarding  process,  but

        often time consuming and frustrating.
        This year has seen the design and

        creation of the Slidog 125 and the
        Poltergeist  110,  both  variations  of

        current products but  both with their
        own set  of challenges. There’s  more

        on the way too! Every time we go
        shing – we get inspired.

        See you on the water.

        Ben Patrick
        Managing Director and owner
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